Peter Mikhail, DO

Dr. William Harrel, MD

Christopher Roos, President - AVP

Scott Freeman, President - Hang-Ups

Phil Goglia, PhD

Knowledgeable, dependable, responsive

Brian Jones (Amicus Tech) was the sole IT provider for SMBP for over 10 years. During that time Brian and his team were exceptional. They helped guide us through all of the important decisions regarding equipment purchase, application purchase, maintenance, database management, network configuration and connectivity with other providers. They were available 24/7 including holidays for any IT problems. I recommend them highly for any physician or medical group. Knowledgeable, dependable, responsive.

Lawrence Dardick, MD

I’m exceptionally happy…

I’m the owner of Performance Fitness Concepts, and I’ve been working with Amicus Technology for over 8 years. Without a doubt I can say that Brian Jones is that guy who’s there whenever you need him. Night or day you call him and he’s on the spot with email return, text return, or one his technicians shows up at your house or jobsite. So, I’m exceptionally happy with all that Amicus has done for me and the services they’ve provided at my office and my house, and I’d refer them to anyone. I feel like I’ve got a great relationship with them, and they partner with me not only with my computer needs but my business services as well. It’s nice to have a partner on the back end handling my technology because it’s not my wheelhouse—my wheelhouse is nutrition. It’s nice to have experts in other areas in my business, and I know I can count on them.

Phil Goglia, PhD Owner
Performance Fitness Concepts

I would recommend them to everybody!

I’ve been working with Amicus Technology and I just want to let you guys know that they’ve been doing a superb job; these guys are honest, approachable, and overall cool guys - very knowledgeable and versed in the IT field and I would recommend them to everybody.

Peter Mikhail, DO

Amicus is our new go to IT Company…

I was complaining to a friend of mine about my IT guy’s unresponsiveness, and he recommended Amicus to me. In the past week I’ve sent my previous IT guy 10 text messages, two voicemail messages, and three emails –not a single response. I called Amicus this morning, they were in the middle of something and they called me back in four minutes and logged onto my computer remotely and took a look around, decided they should come in and actually get to my servers. They resolved the issues we were having in not much time at all. It was very economical for us, and Amicus is my new IT go-to company because they’ve been nothing but dependable and I thank them for their great customer service.

Christopher Roos, AVP

We relied on Brian and Amicus for 24/7 service

Brian started doing IT support for our medical practice when we had 3 offices and dial up modems. We stayed with him and Amicus as we expanded to 40 doctors in 10 offices with digital radiology, an electronic medical record, and a T1 fiber network. Phones, servers, network, monitors, mobile devices, wireless; all designed, installed, serviced, and maintained exceptionally well for a very reasonable price. We relied on Brian and Amicus for 24/7 service and we were never disappointed.

Mark Needham MD Assistant Clinical Professor
Family Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine
Medical Director
UCLA/Santa Monica Bay Physicians

We couldn’t be more satisfied!

Amicus came to my office and did a complete evaluation of my current setup, addressed all the concerns about any needed upgrades and gave me a comprehensive and detailed plan for my particular medical office needs; a plan that was easy to implement and cost effective. They continue to monitor my system for any system problems or network breakdowns, and these can be sometimes repaired remotely without requiring an office visit - which is very time helpful. We’d interviewed other companies and we couldn’t be more satisfied with Amicus. I will continue to use them for all my personal and professional IT needs.

William Harrell, MD

I’m an extremely satisfied customer with Amicus.

I will tell you that I’ve had some knowledge over the years of what my needs were for my technical supply in my private practice as a clinician and therapist, and also just someone at home trying to run a system with schedules with family and clients. I went through a lot of IT companies, a lot of guys who just left me hanging. When I finally figured out what I needed there was only one place to go, and that was Amicus. I’ve got to tell you the peace of mind is phenomenal. When I call them I get called back, I get quick responses. There’s never been anything that hasn’t been easy to solve or even identify, and they’ve made great recommendations on how to upgrade, how to chisel my website, all sorts of great ways to manage what I need. I highly recommend Amicus— they’re terrific no matter what your level of experience or expertise, their service is phenomenal.

Alice Segars, LCSW