As a business owner, you should not have the responsibility of worrying about the data on your server. You have enough to do without adding unnecessary problems. However, without a solid and trustworthy backup plan in place, you should be worried!

If disaster struck right now, today (for example your server crashed, your building caught fire, and you lost everything in a robbery) how long could your business run without access to your vital data?

Imagine losing your customer lists, databases, email, documents, invoicing records and so much more. Where would your business be? Most small business would have to close. There would be no option but to shut up shop as there would be no comeback. Therefore, it’s so important to have a backup plan.

While you probably assume your data is completely safe, when was the last time you checked your backup system to see if it was working? The worst time to find out that your backup system has been malfunctioning is AFTER disaster strikes.

At Amicus, we understand the backup needs of businesses and we're here to help you create the best backup system to meet these needs.

We'll start by evaluating your current system and asking questions such as:

  • How long could your systems be down before you started losing money?
  • Do you currently store any of your data offsite?
  • How often do you currently backup your data?
  • What types of data do you need to safeguard?

If you need to update you plan and are considering moving to cloud computing, we have Citrix solutions for organizations of all sizes. We can help to develop a comprehensive backup plan to protect your vital business data in the event of a server crash, natural disaster, fire, theft and more. We educate all our clients on a wide range of potential backup and recovery technologies that could meet every one of your needs.

If you don’t have a plan in place or want to upgrade your existing backup solutions, call us on (310) 670 4962. Don’t put off today that which could cost you dearly should disaster strike!