9 Things We Do Better

We'll Respond Within 60-Minutes or Less - Guaranteed.

When you call us with a computer problem, we guarantee that your phone call will be either answered immediately or returned within 60 minutes or less by an experienced technician who can help.

Fixed Right the First Time

We work hard to make sure we fix your computer issue or network problem on our FIRST visit. We know you don't have time to keep calling your computer guy to correct the same problem over and over.

We Don't Speak "Geek"

If you've encountered computer technicians who throw out a bunch of technical terms that you don't understand, then sigh in disbelief when you don't "get" what they are talking about, you'll love working with our technicians. Our experienced technicians understand technology, but don't feel the need to impress you with our knowledge of "geek speak". Instead, we'll explain what's going on with your computers or network in plain English, so you understand the problem and know what to expect when repairs are complete.

Less Downtime

Your computer network and your time are too important to wait around for computer repair. That's why we monitor your network for potential problems and work to prevent problems BEFORE they happen. We can access your computer network remotely through our network support services system and often correct issues while you keep working. This proactive approach to network support means less downtime for you and your staff and better productivity.

Mitigate Risk

Our ongoing network monitoring service does more than simply prevent problems from cropping up. We help you mitigate the risks that every computer user faces including losing data, hacker attacks and computer viruses or spyware. In addition, our backup and recovery plans keep you up and running even in the event of major disasters including flood, fire, power outages and more.

You Won't Lose Your Data

Like doctors who take a hippocratic oath to do no harm, we have a similar policy at Amicus Technology. Before our technicians do any work on your computer or network, we'll make sure we back up your data and critical information, so you don't lose a thing! We'll never leave your critical systems in worse shape than when we found them and will take every precaution to be certain NO DATA is lost.


One of the first things we do to get acquainted with your network is to create complete documentation for the systems you have. And we'll freely share this documentation with you and your staff. Unlike other companies that "hold all the keys" to your network, we want you to know the details about your network, so you can make informed decisions about future planning and growth.

Accurate Billing

When you receive our invoice for the services we've completed, it won't be cryptic or confusing. We'll clearly outline everything we did in easy to understand terms, so there's no confusion. And if you ever have a question about an invoice you've received, we're just a phone call away!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that you just want your systems to work and our technicians will do everything possible to make it happen. But we also back our services with a solid guarantee to give you peace of mind. If we don't fix a problem to your satisfaction, we want to know about it and we'll do everything in our power to make it right. No excuses, period!